ZU Original Line-Up TOUR W/ Mats Gustafsson


ZU Original Line-Up TOUR w/ Mats Gustafsson

Yes... ZU will be on tour again in June, sharing stage with Mats Gustafsson, back with the original first line up.
Jacopo Battaglia will join Massimo and Luca once again for this summer "shot" around Italy, for a special occasion. 
A good way to celebrate brand new vinyl version of "How to raise an Ox", 2005 Cd only released by Atavistic, now out on LP thanks to Trost Record.
Ready? Looking backward sometimes is necessary to better understand where you are going to...old alliances never die...
Venezia 22/06, 23/06 Torino, 24/06 Forli, 25/06 Roma... more infos here