<span>Mirror Emperor </span>
Mirror Emperor
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Collaborations, Split, Side Projects and so on

<span>Mirror Emperor </span>
Mirror Emperor
<span>The Left Hand Path</span>
Zu + Eugene S. Robinson
The Left Hand Path
<span>Il Teatro Degli Orrori / Zu</span>
Il Teatro Degli Orrori / Zu
Il Teatro Degli Orrori / Zu
<span>PhonoMetak Series #4</span>
Damo Suzuki With Zu
PhonoMetak Series #4
<span>Identification With The Enemy: A Key To The Underworld</span>
Zu & Nobukazu Takemura
Identification With The Enemy: A Key To The Underworld
<span>Ku Klux Klowns</span>
Black Engine
Ku Klux Klowns
<span>How To Raise An Ox</span>
Zu / Mats Gustafsson
How To Raise An Ox
<span>Dälek Vs Zu</span>
Zu / Dälek
Dälek Vs Zu
<span>The Zu Side Of The Chadbourne</span>
Zu & Eugene Chadbourne
The Zu Side Of The Chadbourne

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Enrico Baraldi (Tour & Stage manager)
David Sekketto (Web / Merch)
Lorenzo Stecconi (Sound Engineer)